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Planet Ice Basingstoke ....

Thursday evening Stick N Puck will not change BUT,

The second hour on the last Thursday of every month will become a controlled game,


I'm looking for 10 players per team or more, who will register as individual player

and then I can make teams. The teams will be split evenly, I will be the referee,

the game will run as per the summer league as a running clock.


The cost will be £10 per player.

We can only run this if there is a lot of interest, which I hope there will be.

You will be able to register your interest at the Stick N Puck registration desk

with your £5 deposit in cash in to guarantee that we have enough

players to warrant a game. You would pay the remainder £5 on game night.

If you can not make it to Stick n puck pior to the game then

please email us and we will hopefully come to an arrangment.



Can all players please bring a light and dark hockey shirt if you have one,

so we can make the teams hopefully without using the bright geen/orange bibs.

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